Covert Standard started as a concept, an idea, a vision. The goal is simple, to create a community of American loving people. The nation seems to be heavily divided and we aim to be the voice that can help unify our people. Our podcast started as a group of friends that get together and discuss various topics. This crazy gathering later developed into what you hear today, and we are bringing our discussions to the world. When we are not discussing what, when, and where the next adventure will be, we will usually discuss the different issues in the world and give our viewpoint on them (and we don’t always agree with each other).


This veteran-owned business is the start of something big and it will eventually turn into a job opportunity for our fellow veterans. This podcast is perfect for those of you that need something to listen to in your badass vehicle while you are on your way to the grind at work, or maybe while you’re taking a stroll down range, or maybe lifting some ridiculous weight. You will find yourself getting involved in our conversations and may agree with what we have to say or just scream back at your radio. So, join us as we laugh, cry, scream, and make fun of each other as we try to make a difference in the world, one episode at a time.

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