Dave "Chippee"

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Birth Place: Florida


Time in Service: 4 Years U.S.N. E-4 Mafia

  • Expeditionary Component

  • Small boats lots of guns


Favorite Handgun: Glock

Favorite Rifle: LWRC IC Piston

Background: A mortal that loves the great outdoors and shall persist to enjoy it till death do us part. Currently, a machine operator lead at a fortune 50 company. (will be nameless due to today’s sensitivity) ;)


About Me:

  • Proud owner and founder of CabalUSA

  • Me like Guns

  • Me like Dogs

  • Me like Whisky

  • Getting lost in Dubai

  • And I also really enjoy playing volleyball shitless in silkies to the soundtrack of Top Gun


Favorite Band: Pepper

Favorite Vices:  Jameson Whisky, Glenfiddich Scotch, Black Rifle Coffee Flavor- Black Beard’s Delight Coffee

Favorite Quote: Memento Mori- Remember that you must die.




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